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Stud service

All of the Silver Cloud studs are registered with both CLAA and ARI. They are available for a limited number of outside breeding. Please contact us for more information.

Current studs:

Picture from May 2005.

AH Patronne

   Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Ivano   

   Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Talara

   D.O.B.: August 26, 2000

Patronne, himself a reserve grand champion, has produced many ribbon winning offspring, ranging in colour from white to black, including a champion and two reserve grand champions; now his grandchildren are winning in the show ring too. However, of more importance than show winnings are his excellent attributes (backed by an excellent pedigree) that he passes on to his cria: the most important is his very fine fleece that has stayed fine with age (AFD of 17.5 at age 1 and AFD of 22.2 at age 10, with SD of 4.4 and CV of 19.8%) combined with excellent density: he still had a sheer weight of over 8 lbs. (in the bag) at age 10. He has good conformation, solid bone and a handsome head; he passes on his calm and pleasant personality to his cria as well.


Armani Silver Cloud Armani

   Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Alpamayo

   Dam: Bolivian Arani 

   D.O.B.: July 25, 2001

If you are looking for those famous Alpamayo genes in eastern Canada, here they are. Armani, a Grand Champion at the 2003 Alpaca Ontario (AO) show, has followed in his well-known sireís footsteps: his fleece has a pronounced high frequency crimp, is very dense and bright, and has stayed fine with age. (Fibre stats 2012: AFD 24.6, SD 5.5, CV 22.1%).  He excels at passing on his highly desirable fleece characteristics.  He has produced numerous ribbon winning offspring, including one of the colour champions at the 2010 Alpaca Ontario show.

Cinder BAR
Sire: Kelowna's Sundance Kid
Dam: Gemini Bar
D.O.B. : July 2, 2004

If you are looking for a proven stud with an excellent pedigree, and exceptional fleece characteristics in a dark colour, Cinder Bar is the one. His sire is the well-known Kelownaís Sundance Kid, producer of many show winning offspring; the Kid is an Alpamayo son, and Cinder has that trademark density, brightness, and high frequency crimp, as well as fineness. Cinderís dam is a Peruvian Pistachio daughter. Cinderís AFD at age 1 was 21.2 and at age 8 it was still a very respectable (for such a dark colour) 26.3 (with SD of 4.4 and CV of 16.8%).   (Fibre stats 2010: AFD 26.2, SD 4.4, CV 16.8%).  From his show career out west spanning three years Cinder has several first and second place ribbons as well as a Reserve Championship.  He has show winning offspring including a first place in black juvenile males.
S.Dream's Nascar

Sire: Aztec Outback
Dam: S.Dream's Fabrege
D.O.B.: June 22, 2005

This full Peruvian stud has a great pedigree, including Hemingway and Victorís Vaccoyo.  His mother is a full sister to the well-known S. Dreamís Zaccoyo. Both of Nascarís parents have stayed fine with age.  Nascar is a big-boned well-conformed alpaca with a handsome head.   His fleece is very dense with a good staple length, giving him the highest shear weight on the farm in 2010; his fleece also has a well defined high frequency crimp and very little guard hair. At age 2 his AFD was 22.1 and at age 4 it was 25.7 with an SD of 4.9 and CV of 19.2.   He has a variety of ribbons to his credit.
His cria have turned out exceptionally well - he has done an excellent job of passing on his large frame, density, high shear weights, and minimal guard hair.

WRA Peruvian Sancho

   Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Pauco

   Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Shakia

   D.O.B.: June 19, 1998

Sancho's sire, Pauco, is famous in Alberta for producing show-winning alpacas.  Sancho has great conformation and presence, good bone, and a very handsome head.  He has a dense, lustrous fleece, with deep bold crimp, bundling, and an amazing staple length.  He passes on his superior fibre qualities and his calm personality to his cria. He has produced show winning offspring, including a  Reserve Champion and a Reserve Grand Champion.

Silver Cloud Nicholo

   Sire: Coyo Destini

   Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Annicka

   D.O.B.: April 24, 2001

First place winner in  2002.  Really large boned; very dense crimpy fleece; wonderfully gentle personality.  He  consistently has one of the highest shear weights on the farms.  His sire, Coyo Destini, an  Accoyo alpaca, was a Grand Champion and has sired many show winning  offspring.  Nick's fibre stats from 2003: AFD 24.1; SD 4.8; CV  19.7%  Fibre stats from 2006: AFD 26.7, SD 5.3, CV 19.9%. He has produced some very nice cria.

SCA Trico

Sire: CPeruvian Daniel     

Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Talara.

D.O.B. : July 8, 2008

If you are looking for fineness this full Peruvian light fawn half-brother to Patronne is the stud for you. His amazing fibre stats from 2010 are: AFD 15.3, SD 3.2, CV 20.7. In 2012 (age 4) they were AFD 18.5, SD 4.3, CV 23.2%, 1.1% >30. His dam maintained an extremely fine fleece with age (AFD of 21.9 at age 15) and his sire was well-known for producing numerous ribbon winning offspring. As well as fineness, Trico has a very dense fleece with a high frequency crimp. Fourth place in a class of 10 at the 2010 Alpaca Ontario show, and first place at the Eastern Canadian Alpaca Futurity in 2010. First place winner in both the 2011 and 2012 AO spin-off.





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