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Animals for sale

We have available for sale bred females, maiden females, studs, and future studs.  All are registered in both the Canadian and American (ARI) registries.  

What is included in the purchase price of breeding stock:

  - a written contract with live birth guarantee for pregnant females (free re-breeding if she loses her pregnancy or cria dies in first week)  and fertility guarantees for males and maiden females.

 - free agistment after purchase for 6 months.

 - if the female delivers her cria here before she goes to her new home she can be re-bred at no additional charge.

 - free delivery to their new home if within Ontario.

 - teaching you everything you will need to know to raise your alpacas properly, and on-going support to answer any questions.  I have been to numerous alpaca educational seminars in Canada and the States and I look forward to sharing that knowledge with my clients.

Details on animals currently available for sale:



If you want some cute fleece animals without the expense of breeding stock, then consider males that are not stud quality.  When they are old enough (over 18-24 months of age) they are gelded (neutered).  For information on non-stud quality males currently for sale, please email me.



Last updated November 2013.