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My husband Paul and I moved to our 72 acre farm just north of Kingston in 1985. After renting the land out for beef cattle and having a small herd of cattle myself, I decided to switch to alpaca farming. The first alpacas arrived in 1998 and I have continued to buy alpacas to upgrade and to ensure a diversity of genetics. I was a founding member of Alpaca Ontario and served on the Board of Directors for the first three years, in charge of education as well as being on the show committee. I semi-retired from my family medicine practice in 1999, and am now fully retired, with the majority of my time spent looking after the alpacas and dealing with the fleece end of the business.  I have also written articles for Camelid Quarterly, Alpacas Magazine and the Alpaca Ontario newsletter.

The herd is almost all double registered and has bloodlines from some of the best known studs in Canada.  The focus is to breed for elite fleece while maintaining excellent conformation; to have a nutrition programme that results in good health, optimum reproduction and beautiful fleece, and to raise alpacas in a respectful and caring environment using many of the principles of Marty McGee Bennett.

Whether you are looking for an addition to your herd or are researching whether alpacas are right for you, you are always welcome to visit. For those buying alpacas I look forward to giving you the best instruction, support and follow-up. I have been to numerous alpaca educational events in Canada and the States and have many years of experience to share with you. 


Last updated April 2011.